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The Energy Practice (TEP) is a pioneer of the lighting industry in New Zealand and for more than a decade has served the demanding and often complex lighting requirements of many of New Zealand’s ‘blue chip’ corporates. 

TEP has a depth of knowledge that enables it to specify lighting solutions for a wide variety of industries and complex lighting applications.

Often TEP is the lighting specialist of choice for businesses that not only require a solution to solve complex and challenging lighting requirements, but a lighting solution that also delivers an economic outcome, that supports the business case for CAPX. 

TEP has unparalleled experience developing the economic analysis required to support a business case that has, time and again, been subjected to demanding financial review and rigour by CFO and boards alike.

Over the past decade, TEP has observed a great deal of change in the manner LED lights are procured. Initially LED were correctly viewed by businesses as a technology that required specialist advice and support, in order for businesses to achieve their lighting objectives (i.e., improved quality and level of light and power and maintenance savings). 

In the absence of this specialist knowledge and precedent, the early adopters including Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, Air New Zealand and IAG relied heavily on TEP to support the procurement process, in terms of their business cases, and critically the design and specification of a lighting solution. 

However, as LED is now viewed as a mainstream lighting solution, adoption has increased, and consequently LED are widely available from a variety of sources. 

Many of these sources however, while well intentioned, lack the depth of domain knowledge and experience to both supply and support, with any commercial and technical rigour, the specification and delivery of an LED lighting solution. 

Consequently, these businesses, albeit relying in good faith on technical claims made in glossy brochures from companies importing LED after attending a lighting fair, find themselves with a lighting solution that at best fail to deliver the required lighting outcomes. 

These outcomes range from the solution being; electrically non-compliant, missing business case projections and failing to deliver the requisite level and uniformity of light, both of which impacts on the visual acuity and ultimately the health and well-being of staff. 

Besides the health and safety implications, businesses are increasingly finding that the claimed power and maintenance savings are simply not being achieved, leaving the project or business case advocate in a tricky position when the promised pay back falls short 

Recently there has been a move by some manufacturers to offer comprehensive long term warranties, however these warranties are supplied with a caveat referred to as a ‘B’ rating.  For example a B50 warranty means that as long as 50% of the luminaire perform to the stated warranty the manufacturer has no obligation to remedy failures. 

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